We wish to recognize the executing agencies that have successfully addressed challenges during the execution of projects and willing to share the lessons from their experience.

To be the next Development Superhero, we ask you to document your experience, emphasizing the following elements:

The challenge(s) you faced and the impact on the project performance.

What challenge(s) did you face during the execution of the project? How did you recognize it? What actions did you take to improve the execution of your project? What impact did it have on the performance of the project? Tell us here!

The solution you implemented to overcome the challenge and evidence of your success.

How did you address the challenge(s)? What ideas, tools or methods were applied to add value, either in the execution of the contract or in the management of the project? This may include a solution never used before in the country or sector, a technology not contemplated in the design of the operation or a creative approach to traditional management tools. Did you generate and documented profitable results with the solutions? Tell us what creative solution you implemented to solve the challenge and what results you saw from its implementation.

Lessons learned, with recommendations on how future projects could avoid or address similar challenges.

What lessons emerged from the experience which could be relevant for other teams in the process of designing or executing projects? How have you shared these lessons? Share your experience to help other agencies adapt and replicate your success.

The selected finalists will participate in Knowledge Week in Washington, D.C., where the next Superheroes of Development will be announced.

Here you can find more details about the award process, rules, and prizes.


All teams of executing agencies for projects (co-)financed by the IDB including Sovereign Guaranteed Loans are eligible to participate, as long as:

  • The project is currently in the execution phase (the project is eligible for disbursements)
  • The project has been completed and the last disbursement date was not prior to January 1st, 2015.

Do you think your team could be the next Superheroes of Development?


In order to participate, eligible executing agencies must complete and submit their story by May 24th, 2019, at 5:00 p.m. EST. Here you can find the application form.

Send us your story!


To see an example on how to fill out the form click here

For more information about the award process and rules, please check our FAQ section.


March 4

Open for

May 24

Closing of

July 10

Announcement of

9 to 12

Knowledge Week


1. What is the purpose of the Superheroes of Development Award?

The main objective of this award is to recognize executing agencies that have successfully addressed or influenced challenges that emerge during the execution of development projects. The award is part of an effort to improve the performance of IDB-financed projects through systematic learning and knowledge sharing.

2. Is my Project team eligible to take part in this award?

This call is for executing agencies who are currently executing, or have recently executed, a project that includes IDB financing. In the case of Haiti, we accept teams that are in charge of grants.

Specialists or IDB staff are not eligible to participate. They may be consulted as part of the process and may participate in preparing the narrative of the execution challenge, but the award will be granted to the staff of executing agencies.

3. Should we participate only as a team or can it be on an individual basis?

A maximum of two members can represent the team in the story submission. The IDB will review the eligibility of the executing agency and recognize the executing agency’s team.

4. Our IDB project has multiple executing agencies. Should we submit our story together?

You can, but is not mandatory. All submissions should refer to all relevant individuals and institutions involved in the specific challenge and solution described, but are not required or limited in terms of the number of people or organizations involved in any submission. Any team that submits a story is responsible for sharing credit and acknowledging the collaboration of diverse agencies and individuals.

5. Our story involves people that are not part of the project executing agency. Are they eligible to participate?

The submissions may involve other people; however, all award submission must be done by eligible project executing agency staff. The solution or innovation described in the submission should be at least revised or have been revised by the executing agency and it should have (or had) a direct impact on the project’s performance or outcomes.

6. Can we submit more than one story?

Yes. There is no limit in the number of stories the eligible executing agency can submit.

7. What is the submission format?

You will fill out a form following the given steps. The forms are on the YouNoodle platform, where you must register. Only the stories submitted through this form will be considered for awards.

8. In what language can I apply?

You can apply in any of the Bank’s four official languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese.

9. What if we have additional information we want to share but doesn’t meet the submission format requirements?

While you are allowed to submit additional information relevant to your story as a part of your submission, the jury will not consider this information for the final evaluation (it can be used with the purpose of knowledge-sharing). It is therefore recommended to ensure that all critical information is included in the suggested format.

10. Can we make changes to our submission after submitting it?

It is possible to make changes and updates up to closing date and time (May 24, 2019, at 5 pm Washington D.C. time). Submissions received after the closing date will not be considered by the evaluation panel.

11. How will the submission be evaluated?

All submissions will be evaluated by a panel composed of IDB staff and external development experts. Up to five teams from Sovereign Guaranteed Loans will be chosen, based on the following criteria: importance of the execution challenge described; innovation; impact of their solution, and relevance of the knowledge that can be shared with other projects.

12. What will the IDB do with our submission? Will it be published?

One of the key objectives of this Award is to promote the knowledge-exchange among development specialists in Latin America and the Caribbean. To achieve this, any submission received may be formatted and published for public dissemination.

13. What is the prize for the winner?

All finalists will get a trip for up to two team members to Washington, D.C., to take part in the Knowledge Week at the IDB headquarters. During the Knowledge Week, members from the finalists’ teams will be able to interact with sector and country experts, receive tailored Project Management for Results (PM4R) training and have the opportunity to document and disseminate their stories, and finally, be present in the final awards event.

In the final awards event, the winning team will receive an additional award.

14. What are the key award dates?

March 4

Beginning of submissions

May 24

Closing of submissions

July 10

Announcement of finalists

September 9 to 12

Finalists participate and receive awards at Knowledge Week in Washington D.C.